Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Two more Awards

Just received two more fab awards from Trish - thanks so much Trish.

Would like to pass them on to:
and Zoe
3 very talented ladies, well worth keeping an eye on!


Flippinpest said...

Thanks Jenni. I am really pleased that you thought of me :-) I am a little blogged out at the moment but will try and pass these on asap.Take care!

Zoe said...

Aww thank you xxxx

June said...

Ohhh Jenni, congrats my friend you so deserve these. Thanks also for thinking of me.
hope you are having good week and looking forward to a lovely weekend too
Hugs June xxxxx

June said...

Jenni i am going to add the awards to my artyretreat blog if thats ok as i want to show them off and thats the place i mostly post it :)
thanks so much my friend i am thrilled
Hugs June xxx