Thursday, 30 October 2008

Glass, glass and more glass

Well finally got the angels done when we got power back again and today I made a couple of santa heads, some thistles and some holly.

The weather has been dreadful today, hail, sleet, snow - a bit of everything. I didn't really mind as I knew I just had to keep my head down and get as much done as possible.

My Mum and Lynsey were coming out to us for tea so stopped work mid afternoon to put a casserole on and then went back to finish off the soldering, just got done and went to make a cup of tea while I waited for Neil to bring Lyns & Mum when my aunt phoned to say Mum had fallen in the street and was being taken to A&E.

She was collected by an ambulance but didn't want to go to hospital so they took her home and cleaned her up. Fortunately she hasn't done too much damage, just a split lip and a broken tooth but she looked as if she'd been in the boxing ring! She was a bit shaky but decided she wanted to come for tea rather than spend the evening on her own.

Thank goodness it wasn't worse, she just got out of hospital a few days ago and the last thing she wanted was to go back!

Let's hope that's the end of the drama for this week....


Flippinpest said...

Fantastic ornaments Jenni, they will be a great success I am sure. Your work is really beautiful Val :-)

MayJay said...

They are gorgeous and I so agree with Val.

hello gorgeous said...

Oh Jenni, hope your mum is on the mend, it can be really unshettling after a fall. sending you warm wishes for your mum xxxxx

Linda B said...

ooooh divine