Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Working Hard

Been working really hard over the last couple of days trying to get ready for two craft fairs this weekend. I took some days off work to get as much done as possible but things didn't quite go according to plan yesterday, I had cut glass for 20 little Christmas tree angel decorations then ground and foiled the edges and was almost ready to start soldering when the power went off!!!!

Neil went out to see what was going on and the workmen from Scottish Power who were digging at the back said it would be 2 - 3 hours before they could get it up and running again AAArrrrgh!! They said they had knocked on the door to warn us but both of us were home and didn't hear anything. I couldn't do a thing - no light to make cards, no power for my soldering iron and it was amazing how quickly the house cooled down - it was very cold yesterday.

So we decided to pop out to Ikea and Sainsburys to kill some time - it was warmer there! We got home at 2 o'clock and made ourselves some lunch, boiling the water for our tea on the (fortunately gas) cooker. Just after we finished eating the power came on again so it was back to work straight away.

Anyway here are a couple of pics of some of the things I've been working on.

These were sentiments stamped onto scrapbooking paper sandwiched between two pieces of glass then foiled and soldered, with little beaded charms to finish them off. I saw some similar ones on Ebay US and thought they'd make nice little gifts especially with the little handcrafted boxes (suggested by my daughter Lynsey).

The craft fairs are at Howgate Village Hall (10 miles south of Edinburgh) on Saturday from 10 - 2pm and at Carnwath Town Hall on Sunday from 2 - 6pm. If you are anywhere near one of the venues please drop in and say hello.


Flippinpest said...

Jenni, these are absolutely beautiful.

Jane said...

Jenni, These are wonderful and your blog is looking fantastic!