Sunday, 5 September 2010

Something new

I love to try new crafts and have been meaning to try feltmaking for some time, my sister Gillian had been doing a bit recently and she inspired me to have a go at needle felting while I was staying with her for a couple of days last month. Since then a great opportunity to attend a feltmaking workshop arose through my work at the library, so I went along on Friday and had a fun time trying out wet felting for the first time and spent the day making this bag. The organisers of the workshop are hoping to start holding regular workshops locally so I may well be doing a bit more of this, although I have to say, it was quite hard work - I came home exhausted and it sure didn't do my Tennis Elbow any good!! Thanks to all involved in a fab day.


Dorcas said...

THis is lovely, Jenni! Ive been wanting to learn felting andmake those cute little fuzzy animals I see people making on flickr. Aesome job!

mforquer said...

Jenni - that's amazing! I hope this doesn't mean you'll stop making cards :oD This is truly beautiful! Great Job!

Lin said...

Wow this is amazing. What gorgeously vibrant colours. First attempt! First class.

Lin xx

laryna said...

Hi Jenni, great to see your bag as it is finished!Beautiful and just amazing ! Thanks for posting it so that we all can see it!
I did very much enjoy the felting day in Penicuik House with all of you!
Good luck for more projects with any crafts! Laryna

the weaver said...
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the weaver said...

ah, it is you! and I see Laryna found you before me ;-). So happy to see a picture of the finished item. Well done! Fabulous!
Can I nick it (the picture) for our Making Space Penicuik blog albums, please? So lovely to see your blog here, what a marvellous crafty crafter your are :-)

(PS: had removed previous comment because of some typos I made. How can one EDIT comments in blogger, I wonder?)